All About VPD: Vapor Pressure Deficit

"Get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and remember your efforts will be reflected in your harvest."- Ramsey T.

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Max. Your Yields With,.... Good Jeans 🤨

"Yes, good jeans are extremely important when considering that you wear them while you work in your garden. If you want to maximize your terpenes, yield, and overall experience, you'll need good genetics. If your plan is to grow high quality cannabis, genetics will play a crucial role in the final results."- Ramsey T

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Living Soil

"When growing cannabis, you might think that any old soil will do the trick. But let me tell you, my friends, that is not the case. There's a big difference between living soil and the topsoil you can find at your local gardening store. And if you want to grow the best cannabis possible, you need to know the difference." - Ramsey T.

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