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Gas Organics is your number one online destination for premium indoor grow equipment, pre-mixed soil, amendments, and nutrients. We are official authorized dealers for AC Infinity & Build-a-Soil. We are a veteran-owned company and appreciate all that have served for the United States military. To show our gratitude to all those that have shown support and loyalty, we have partnered with Coool Beans to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on their amazing genetics to grow in your AC Infinity Advanced Grow Tents! Coool Beans is a leading breeder of commercial quality cannabis genetics. Their seeds are highly viable and their brand is highly reputable. We support them and their genetics so we thought it perfect to share the love!

Whether you are growing sativas, indicas, or hybrids, Coool Beans has something for you. Their genetics were bred to perfection. You can expect strong roots, sturdy stalks, and large dense flowers. They are also easy to grow and compatible with any growing system we offer.

To claim your 20% discount, simply visit their website by clicking the following link: and add anything from their entire catalog to your cart. Then enter the code GASORGANICS at checkout and enjoy your savings. This offer is valid while supplies last, so don't miss this opportunity!

Thank you for choosing Gas Organics as your trusted source of indoor grow equipment. We look forward to serving you again soon.


Happy growing!

The Gas Organics Team