Build-a-Soil Light Recipe Soil

Build-a-Soil Light Recipe Soil

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New and improved formula!

- Added Organic Mustard Seed Meal 

- Added Organic High Phosphorous Bran

- More Nutrient dense than ever before

- Added Montana Grow High Silica Volcanic Rock Dust

NOTICE: Full truckload freight quotes are only good for 1 truckload. If purchasing more than 1 Truckload please reach out via or call 301.971.4700

It was designed based on Logan Labs soil testing and saturated paste testing. We wanted to design a premium plant and mineral based potting soil. Along with that it had to be a compost based soil without any of the low quality ingredients normally in organic potting soils. Besides being clean, the goal was that it would test High in available calcium and low in available sodium. After dozens of lab tests and real world tests, this potting soil mix became a clear cut favorite or BuildASoil customers. It was designed to work with all plants by keeping excess to a minimum and balance as the all goal. Because the recipe is so balanced it has the ability to be run as a No-Till Soil with added topdressing or to be run as a highly steerable recipe for organic feeding. Compared to our other recipes this is our most popular all around potting mix. Excellent for starting seeds or full term growth

  • Low Cost
  • High Quality Inputs with Complete Disclosure on Ingredients
  • Mixed indoors in small batches for absolute confidence
  • All Vegan Inputs


THEY DO NOT sterilize any of our compost or Potting soils during the manufacturing process and as a result it will contain a plethora of life. This could be beneficial mites, fungus and microbes as well as, from time to time, unwanted fungus gnats. While they do their best to keep anything unwanted to a minimum we cannot guarantee it. They always recommend purchasing beneficial insects to combat this possibility and/or learning best practices to avoid population explosion.

Commercial Customers: NOTICE OF HEAVY METALS -

All organic potting soils will contain trace amounts of heavy metals. BuildASoil Light has lots of Compost and amendments and commercial facilities should be sure to have Heavy Metal Compliance Program for your state to make sure you are in the clear. Each state varies. Home Growers need not concern as the commercial restrictions are significantly lower than even normal outdoor garden soil.   

NOTICE: New recipe improvements are lower heavy metals than ever before

Ingredients: BuildASoil Worm Castings, Organic Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Organic New Mexico Pumice, Organic Par-Boiled Rice Hulls, Grand Mesa Colorado Volcanic Basalt, Organic Diamond K Gypsum, Montana Grow Silica Rock Dust, Organic High P Bran, Organic Mustard Seed Meal, Organic 2 Row Milled Malted Barley, Organic Terviva Karanja Cake, BuildASoil Pre Charged Bio-char with Rootwise Mycrobe Complete.

Typical Heavy Metal Analysis: This is not a Guarantee. We believe in full transparency and you should also decide what these results mean based on your business and state that you operate in. We have large commercial customers passing in all states with great success but there are also awful stories of people failing for many reasons that don't always seem logical. Call us with any questions!