Build-a-Soil - Oly Mountain Recipe

Build-a-Soil - Oly Mountain Recipe

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SoThe Build-a-Soil original recipe! This water only mix was based on the famous Clackamas Coots recipe and it changed everything. This original recipe is one of the worlds most famous potting soils and it has started numerous well-intentioned soil companies


Due to the nature of mixing multiple composts and ingredients together it is possible that this potting soil will heat up once combined into larger volumes and watered in. Please be sure to double check soil temperatures before planting into. (Especially likely when combining over 10 Cubic Foot Soil bags into a new container)


THEY DO NOT sterilize any of our compost or Potting soils during the manufacturing process and as a result it will contain a plethora of life. This could be beneficial mites, fungus and microbes as well as, from time to time, unwanted fungus gnats. While they do their best to keep anything unwanted to a minimum we cannot guarantee it. They always recommend purchasing beneficial insects to combat this possibility and/or learning best practices to avoid population explosion. 



Commercial Customers: NOTICE OF HEAVY METALS -

All organic potting soils will contain trace amounts of heavy metals. BuildASoil 3.0 has lot's of Compost and amendments and commercial facilities should be sure to have Heavy Metal Compliance Program for your state to make sure you are in the clear. Each state varies. Home Growers need not concern as the commercial restrictions are significantly lower than even normal outdoor garden soil.  

1 Part Oly Mountain Fish Compost

1 Part Sphagnum Peat Moss

2/3 Part Pumice

1/3 Part Rice Hulls

Now with 5% Pre-Charged Colorado Bio Char!!