BuildASoil Craft Blend - Nutrient Pack

BuildASoil Craft Blend - Nutrient Pack

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BuildASoil Craft Blend is all you need to re-amend and re-use your old soil. Don't throw away your living soil feed it the Craft Blend. This blend is packed full of organic ingredients that will turbo boost your garden and give your new plants a cozy place to live.

Hawaii and Alaska customers only: The 25 lb Food Grade Bucket and 50lb bag variant will require an additional surcharge to be shipped to Hawaii and Alaska.

Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup

Ingredients all Equal by Weight:

  1. Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal
  2. Karanja Cake - Terviva
  3. Alfalfa Meal
  4. BuildASoil Calcium Phosphate 
  5. Camelina Meal
  6. Crustacean Meal
  7. Fish Meal
  8. 3x Fish Bone Meal
  9. Soybean Meal
  10. Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite)
  11. Organic Malted Barley
  12. Volcanic Tuff
  13. Micronized Basalt - Blue Ridge Meta
  14. Gypsum
  15. Oyster Flour